· By Zohre Acik Haines

What We Are Thankful for Coming into 2021


It’s tough to be thankful sometimes when you’ve been through a hard year. 2020 has affected the world like no other year and the hardship continues for many still. Small businesses like ourselves were majorly affected as we closed our doors for months on end.
However, instead of focusing on the negative, here’s a list of things we learned in the past year, and things we are thankful for coming into 2021:


Our Community

As many of you already know, our beautiful boutique is located at 157 Sydney road in Brunswick. Sydney road was a lot quieter this year and we missed seeing our friends from the vibrant community in person. However, we were so grateful to every person that bought something online from us in this time. It really kept our business going and inspired us to create more online content. We cherish our customers old and new and Melbourne’s sustainable community. We look forward to connecting with you further – whether that be online or in person. 


In the past year, with no distractions, people have gotten to know themselves a lot more and hopefully learned more about self-care and helping one another. We’re so thankful for our health and to our bodies and minds for carrying us and being resilient through this rough time. At Zerya, we have our pieces made with soft, sustainable fabrics, so they feel smooth against your skin and bring you comfort and happiness through 2021 and for the years to come. We like to think of these pieces as a gift you can give to yourself and others.


Our Planet 

It’s no secret that Zerya’s main mission is one of sustainability. This year, our eyes have opened even more to how important our planet is. For many months, one of the only things we could do outside of our home was exercise. We became even more grateful for the green spaces around us as we explored them every day. We want to preserve these spaces and the rest of earth’s nature. This is why we have so many sustainable practices in place at Zerya and strive to make our business even more sustainable in the years to come.

Let us know what you’re thankful for and let’s go into 2021 showing love and compassion to each other, ourselves and the planet.