Zerya is a sustainable, trendless brand. We focus not on churning out fast fashion pieces that come and go from week to week. Instead, we focus on creating timeless, durable and beautiful pieces that you can cherish for years to come. And that will become one with our planet at the end of their lifecycle.

Our Fabrics

The fabrics we use are natural. They include organic cotton, linen, hemp and peace silk. Our ZERYA own brand pieces are good for the earth right down to the use of biodegradable buttons. These have been made from coconut, olivewood and shells among other natural materials.

Who makes our clothes?

Our handmade clothes and jewellery are made by artisans and designers on the beautiful, Mediterranean coast of Turkey (check out a video of one of our artists
working on a dress below). The loomed fabrics use some of the techniques that our owner Zohre remembers from her childhood in Turkey. One of Zohre’s goals when creating the brand was to support the next generation of talented designers and artisans of Turkey and show their work on a global stage. Therefore, we’ve created a curated collection of sustainable and ethically handmade Turkish pieces in our store.

What is Slow Fashion?

We see Slow Fashion as a movement to benefit the planet and the communities close to our heart. Our clothes are hand loomed in Turkey, supporting the communities that Zohre grew up in and sold in Melbourne, supporting our local Sydney Road community. We use organic, sustainable fabrics such as peace silk, hemp, linen, organic cotton, and represent a timeless beauty in our clothing – one that cannot be defined by the fleeting fast fashion trends of today. Our clothes are made to last and be close to your heart for years to come.